Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kiwi plants

Lasy year I grew a lot of baby kiwi plants, most of which were lost to either the frost or the dogs who took to playing with the plant pots, knocking the compost out, and seeing how far they could spread it, which was extremely unfortunate for the plant contained within.

However, the ones on the upstairs terrace survived as they had a certain level of protection - i.e. the dogs are not allowed to go there - and I'm including a photograph of them with their new leaves of Spring.

I have noticed that kiwi plants show red leaves when they are exposed to the elements and sun.

These are the babies that did not 'take off' last year, and so are stil very small at this stage. I have one or two that reached 12" or more, one still hasn't grown its new leaves but is still alive, and the other I planted next to a chain link fence in the garden, but which my other half pulled out because he thought it was a weed! Then he tells me that he knows nothing about plants! I am sick of telling him to LEAVE THE GARDEN ALONE! This is the same one that pulled the leeks out in the autumn and told me "Look, your onions didn't grow too well!"

Oh and if you are interesting in trying to grow kiwis from a shop bought fruit, check out my Growing Kiwis post.

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